“I’m not exactly sure where to begin,” said the old man. “I guess I’ll start at the beginning. I was born in Bethel, Maine, but I have a deep connection to the District of Columbia. My grandfather, a World War I veteran, fought in the Battle of the Marne and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism. My grandmother was an orphan from Germany who was too young to go to school. She was the first in her class at the local high school, and she became one of the first women in the country to get a college degree and a doctorate in psychology. She moved to Washington, DC in 1936, where she met my grandfather while working as a secretary at the American Red

This is a blog dedicated to providing up-to-date information on the Washington Monument, and it is most famous for its unique, translucent blue Lucid Blue. This lovely tint is the result of a unique blend of ferrous and ferric oxides found only in the soils that surround the Monument. The blue hue is beautiful and unique to the Washington Monument.

Hello, my snow angels! Well, when you’re done playing outside, why not cozy up with a hot chocolate and an even warmer recommendation from your gentleman? DC Monumental is the latest marijuana-based gift brand to give Washington, DC a run for its money. It offers several boutique varieties (exclusive and in limited quantities) of the first prize winner. Second place in the DC Growers Cup and second place twice. DC Monumental is a self-delivery service, halfway between delivery and event management. You should definitely stop by DC Monumental’s beautiful, bright space to buy the gifts you saw on the menu. Sign up for the daily newsletter to receive menu updates and takeout information! Okay, now you want to talk about the flowers? Hooboy, Monumental blocks Gentleman on what to try. The flowers were fresh, neat, in crystal ornaments, and perfumed with an intoxicating perfume any Downton Abbey lady would envy, but some had more sugar petals than I would have liked. Monumental Manor’s hostess, the infamous White Widow, is regularly on their menu. The trichomes on this plant are not very noticeable, but it gave me a big energy boost for about thirty minutes. However, kerosene burns quickly and must be topped up. Preferably with muffins. Split up? word-image-18076 White widow flower word-image-18077 Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath Searching through the Jamaster JP stash, we find the Skywalker OG crossed with Grateful Breath, which is awesome. Speckled with beautiful trichomes and a spicy aroma that will scare you! Make sure to bring this indica the next time it’s on the menu. I felt giddy from the sweet euphoria of this flower, which washed over me, erasing the hardness of the day before the body skirted and gently lulled me to sleep. If Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath is a lullaby, Lucid Blue is half a brick in a sock, nestled neatly in the back of your head. I feel a sluggishness, then a sleepiness, then it’s time for a nap. word-image-18078 Blue transparent word-image-18079 Platinum Violet Jamaster JP’s Platinum Purp was better by day and put me in a very pleasant mood, allowing me to think clearly enough to follow the many enjoyable twists and turns of LEGION, the mind-boggling X-Men spin-off about the enormous power of schizophrenic mutants and a serious threat to Agents of S.I.T. in the Best Marvel TV Show category. Homie OG is our latest shout-out, which was promoted by The Potent Company (TPC). These dense nuggets created one of my favorite combinations – an energetic blend that lifts the spirit and focuses the attention. That’s how you make bacon, baby! word-image-18080 Homie OG DC Monumental flowers, especially these exclusive drops from Jamaster JP and The Potent Company, are a great choice. Take a look at her Instagram – I think you’ll love the pickup dynamic, but I’m sure you’ll love these flowers. Put your name on the list! And speaking of lists: Don’t forget to sign up on my list to participate in my next contest. I don’t want you to miss it, honey!

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