Wondering what type of music is best for a yoga class? So did I. After sifting through dozens of yoga music artists in order to find the best of the best, I came up with the following list of my Top 10 artists. I hope that my experience researching this topic served you well, and I hope you enjoy these artists as much as I do!

Yoga is often a gateway to other more traditional forms of exercise, including running, swimming, and strength training. Some people actually begin their yoga practice and never leave. But for those who really want to get the most out of yoga, there are some artists you need to be watching.

The yoga community has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and has become a huge part of the yoga community. The yoga community offers a huge range of styles, from traditional to more creative practices and yet, as a whole, they are still a bit of a mystery to most of us.

When I teach yoga, the most common comment I get from my students is, “I adore your playlist!” After class, I spend a lot of time writing down yoga music artists for my students to look up later on iTunes.

Many of my students complain that selecting their own “yoga music” to listen to at home is difficult or time consuming. As a result, I decided to create a basic list of ten yoga music artists that are simply favorites of mine or of our yoga class in general. All of the music may simply be included into any yoga practice.

Try our free 30-Day Yoga Challenge if you’ve made a nice playlist but aren’t sure what to do with it. You’re guaranteed to discover the perfect routine to complement your music for a more pleasant practice with new sessions added every day.

10 Yoga Music Artists You Should Listen To During Your Next Session


Snatam Kaur is the first person to mention Snatam Kaur (www.snatamkaur.com)

She is a Kirtan and Indian Devotional Music performer from the United States. Her CDs are very lovely and relaxing. “The Essential Snatam Kaur” is a must-read.

Buy Snatam Kaur’s Music on iTunes>>



2) Ceiba Mirabai (www.mirabaiceiba.com)

Markus and Angelika are a fantastic combination. Their music has a magical, Latin-infused, religious feel to it. Check out their wonderful tale on their website to learn more about them. To begin your collection, download their album “A Hundred Blessings.”

Buy Mirabai Ceiba’s Music on iTunes>>



3) Yogi MC (www.mcyogi.com)

MC Yogi is a musical talent who provides rhythms and lyrics that get everyone enthusiastic about their practice on and off the mat. He is really ahead of his time. There are several free musical downloads on his website.

Buy MC Yogi’s Music on iTunes>>




Matisyahu 4) Matisyahu 4) Matisyahu 4) Mat (www.matisyahuworld.com)

An American-Hebrew reggae and alternative rock artist that sings inspiring and motivating tunes to get any workout started. By the way, he’s the man in the photo up there. For a sample, download his tracks “Sunshine” and “I Will Be Light.”

Buy Matisyahu’s Music on iTunes>>



5) Bachan Kaur is a Punjabi singer (www.huemanbeing.com)

She is a must-have addition to your playlist. Her music has both a wonderful vitality and a soothing elegance to it. Get her album “illumine” for free!

Buy Bachan Kaur’s Music on iTunes>>



Nirinjan Kaur (No. 6) (www.spiritvoyage.com)

She is a relative newcomer to the scene, having just published her first album in 2007. Spirit Voyage is where you’ll discover the majority of her beautiful and soothing meditations. If you or your students are searching for a music to help them relax during savasana, her song “Wahe Guru” is a great choice.

Buy Nirinjan Kaur’s Music on iTunes>>



7) Jai-Jagdeesh (jai-jagdeesh.soundcloud.com)

This rising Indian singer offers a diverse range of songs that are energetic, religious, contemplative, and elegant. For more, check out her best-selling album “I Am Thine” on iTunes.

Buy Jai-Jagdeesh’s Music on iTunes>>




Trevor Hall (#8) (www.trevorhallmusic.com)

He entered our hearts and homes via the song “Other Ways,” which was included on the “Shrek the Third” soundtrack. Now, a soulful and reggae-style artist with a strong desire for togetherness has arrived to promote love and peace. Take a look at his album “Trevor Hall.”

Buy Trevor Hall’s Music on iTunes>>



Julie Fowlis (nine) (www.JulieFowlis.com)

She’s a multi-instrumentalist who hails from Scotland (she mostly sings in Scots-Gaelic). Her music was most recently heard in Disney’s “Brave.” The tunes inspire mystical as well as energetic dance and movement emotions.

Buy Julie Fowlis’ Music on iTunes>>




10) Elephant Resurrection (www.elephantrevival.com)

The first time I heard “Ring Around the Moon,” a Colorado-based indie-folk, neo-acoustic band, I felt an immediate connection and oneness with not just this group, but everyone. While varying in pace, the music conveys a sense of unity and oneness (varies between calm and energetic). On iTunes, you may get their album “Break in the Clouds.”

Buy Elephant Revival’s Music on iTunes>>

Yoga Music: How To Use It

“Music seduces our hearts to awaken, to experience the preciousness of being human more profoundly, courageously, and colorfully.” Sean Johnson is a writer and a musician.

We can easily be in sync with our practice if we are in touch with the music that is being played in class. Music has the ability to make us experience various emotions, and we use this to our advantage during yoga sessions.

We aim to keep you inspired throughout vigorous activities by playing an upbeat song like MC Yogi’s “Be the Change.”

We play an uplifting and positive music like Matisyahu’s “I Will Be Light” to keep you focused while you’re holding a posture for 3 minutes or more. There’s also savasana to consider.

A yoga instructor may play Mirabai Ceiba’s “Ra Ma Da Sa” to help students melt into the floor and create an environment of profound relaxation and healing.

The idea is that music generates a variety of feelings, and as yoga teachers, we must be aware of each moment of the practice in order to create the appropriate environment with a variety of performers.

Everyone, have fun with the music and have a great day hunting!

What is yoga music? A mix of all styles of yoga music: Bollywood, Bhangra, Bhajan, Bhajans and other Indian music styles and the traditional Indian music. You hear all sorts of yoga music styles from the traditional Indian music to the Bhangra and Bollywood music. So why are some Yoga music artists better known than others?. Read more about yoga music with singing and let us know what you think.

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