Lunchtime Yoga is awesome. Here are 5 reasons why:

As the weather gets warmer, we start taking our lunch breaks more and more. Lunchtime is the perfect time to practise yoga, but sometimes finding the time can be a challenge. Thankfully, some of us have a lunch break that is just too perfect to pass up! If you’ve ever been to an office where a bunch of people all walk to the same place for lunch, you really appreciate the fact that people usually have to make the decision if they are going to get lunch or not.

Lunchtime yoga is a great idea. After a busy day you need to relax and unwind. By doing so, we can get the benefits of yoga and more, all while we enjoy lunchtime. Yoga is a great way to become healthier and to live a richer life. It is a great way to find ourselves and find our balance. It is a great way to find ourselves and find our balance. By doing yoga during lunch, we can get a relaxing, meditative experience, as well as a great workout, and still enjoy a delicious lunch while we do it. It is a great way to find ourselves and find our balance.

If you’re anything like me, you feel a little bloated and lifeless in the middle of your workday. Whether it’s a gluten intolerance (and you just can’t give up your morning muffins at the office), lactose intolerance, or just stress, you may feel bloated and tired after breakfast and when you’re at your desk in the morning.

You know what might help? Do yoga in the afternoon, even if you only have 10 minutes (try to take at least 30 minutes). If you’re lucky enough to work near your workplace or a yoga studio, or if you need to set up a mat in your office or at a nearby gym, it’s worth the effort.

Here are five benefits of doing yoga on your lunch break.

1. Increases mental clarity.

All yogis know that yoga improves mental clarity. Yoga at lunch is a great way to get your mind in the mood for afternoon activities. Put off tasks that require more concentration until the afternoon, when you know you will be exercising that day.

2. It provides an excellent mini-workout and dispels bloating.

There are always days when you feel too tired to exercise after work. Lunchtime yoga is a great way to get some exercise if you have one of those days. If you work out after work, it’s even better! Try doing twisting poses too – they’re great for flushing out toxins and speeding up digestion.

3. It gives you a positive, social moment in your day.

Bring a colleague and do it together! Coaching during the day is a much more positive interaction than nagging the boss or talking to other employees.

4. It helps fight cravings for sugar in the afternoon.

I often reach for the candy jar at the office to combat the afternoon energy dip. Downward dog is my favorite position for rapid blood flow from the abdomen to the brain. See you around. After your yoga class, you probably want to eat less sweets to keep your energy up.

5. Improves mood.

Really? Who likes to grunt? Yoga is a great way to get you back on a positive track. Comments from an overly critical boss will tire you out a lot less if you have the clarity of mind and the attitude to persevere.

It’s also a good way to erase any annoyances or mishaps from the morning, as everything clears up in the afternoon!

by Katie Beeler – Katie is a yogi, freelance writer and activist who loves to share her thoughts and chatter about yoga, health and wellness.

Would you like to contribute as a member of the DOYOU community? Submit your article here!Lunchtime Yoga, or lunchtime power yoga, provide an opportunity for people to take yoga more seriously without making it a punishing workout. They’re a nice break in the day, and a great way to add some physical activity to the day.. Read more about free lunch and let us know what you think.

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