The idea of yoga and meditation might seem intimidating, but the truth is, there are plenty of ways to incorporate these practices into your life. The most common form of yoga is an adult class, which focuses on making your body stronger through repetition. Another popular type of yoga is “hot yoga,” which uses heated rooms and sweat to create a deeper, more intense workout. There are also several other styles of yoga that are more tailored to specific needs, such as power yoga, which focuses on a faster pace, or shavasana, which is a form of yoga where your hands and knees are both pressed into the floor.

Pay tribute to the many benefits of yoga by celebrating National Yoga Month. Yoga promotes health and well-being, and the versatile practice can help you to improve your overall quality of life. Whether you practice once a week or several times a day, you’ll find many yoga poses and movements that work for you.

Do you know any benefits of making your home more healthy and green? You can reduce your energy costs with the use of energy efficient products, you can save the planet by being conscious of your everyday habits, you can help keep your family and co-workers healthy by consuming healthier foods.

Tantric yoga is NOT just about sex. Instead, the tantric seeks to achieve a blissful state of consciousness called ANANDA, which may begin with feelings of sexual arousal, but does not end there.

Tantric techniques and practices use the power of sexual energy, known as KUNDALINI, to create lasting loving relationships, not only with sexual partners, but with all the people we interact with in our lives.

Recognizing and honoring the fact that ALL living things contain a passionate spark of divinity invites spiritual awareness in the most mundane situations. In this way, stronger emotional bonds are formed, leading to deeper and more satisfying intimacy in all aspects, especially with our loved ones.

1. Treat yourself: The practice of Tantric Yoga

To love the other fully, you must first practice self-knowledge and dedicate yourself to the tantric path. Through your practice, you will learn to distinguish your own desires from those of your partner. Tantrica will never sacrifice herself to please another.

The fluid dance of love and partnership requires a willingness to compromise without crossing boundaries, and the ability to create a sacred space to fully enjoy one’s pranayama before authentically sharing the air.

Only when you dare to explore your deepest needs do you begin to find fulfillment.

2. Let’s go together: Synchronized breathing to create a mystical connection

Intimacy begins with the desire to know your partner and be known by him. Breathing in harmony creates a romantic atmosphere conducive to intimacy. As with most asana exercises, we begin with breathing, and true vibration with a partner begins with shared breathing.

This is how the synchronization is done:

First, lie on your side and look at each other.
Make gentle contact by holding hands or interlocking feet.
Do not avoid eye contact.
First of all, listen to your own breathing, feel your rhythm.
Once you feel your vibration, bring your attention to your partner’s breathing.
By listening to each other’s natural rhythms, you create resonance and breathe in harmony.
No need to rush – just enjoy each other’s music.
3. Sinking as one: Seated curl up with handle

Yoga for Couples encourages each practitioner to ask for what they need during asana, which improves listening skills and strengthens the empathic bond. The process of gently guiding the other person into a pleasurable experience continues beautifully in the bedroom!

Try this sexy twist to get sweet:

Sit opposite each other in a comfortable sitting position.
Breathe together while maintaining eye contact.
Exhale, and turn both to the right.
Reach behind your back with your right hand and feel your partner’s left hand.
Hold your left arm in front of your chest and touch your partner’s right arm.
By holding and stretching each other’s hands, you can help each other move forward in the rotation.
Take the time to stay in the pose for 10 slow, synchronized breaths.
Face each other again and repeat the process on the left side.
4. Touch as a medicine

You want a hug? You want a hug? If you answered yes, there is probably a biological connection to these desires. We all, from baby to grandparent, need touch for our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

The lack of human connection through touch contributes to illness, suggesting that we have an innate need to cuddle with those we love.

Separation from skin-to-skin contact can contribute to increased levels of stress hormones in the body, which can make it harder to sleep and which can lead to a long list of other complications.

Tantra Yoga focuses not only on sex for the liberation of orgasm, but on the entire process, from the first glance, the slightest touch, to the ultimate culmination of pleasure. We all need to give and receive love to radiate health and Ananda!

5. Holy Savasana

Once the state of pleasure is achieved, the desire to maintain intimacy will continue throughout the night.

Practice basking in the glow of your union supporters. If you keep in touch throughout the night, even if it’s just small touches, you’ll feel satisfied longer, sleep deeper and more restfully, and wake up happier.

Savasana allows you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the world. When you fall asleep, we invite you to do a few minutes of savasana while you blend in.

Yoga teaches practitioners to observe the divine light within themselves and others. ~ Judy Rukat

Tantrists strive to appreciate every delectable moment of life and enjoy the pleasures of a simple existence. Tantra Yoga teaches lovers to worship each other as absolute embodiments of god and goddess forms, transforming every point of contact into a sacred and divine experience.

May you enjoy all the love this moment brings!The idea of having a healthful lifestyle is very thoughtful and easy to think about. However, it can be difficult to decide how to begin, what to eat or how to exercise. One of the best ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, is to start with a healthy and consistent routine. Yoga has been a staple of Indian culture for centuries and is a great way to begin a healthier lifestyle.. Read more about meditation month and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we celebrate National Yoga Month?

We celebrate National Yoga Month by practicing yoga and sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

What is National Yoga Month?

National Yoga Month is a month-long celebration of the practice of yoga. It was created by the American Yoga Association in 2015 to promote yoga and raise awareness about its benefits.

What month is yoga month?

Yoga month is in June.

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