Many people think cauliflower in any form is bad and would never eat it. Well, I beg to differ. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable which is known for being high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and contains a number of beneficial compounds such as sulforaphane, a phytonutrient that helps protect against cancer, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. One of the key benefits of cauliflower is its ability to lower the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in your blood, since it is a good source of fiber. Cauliflower is also low in carbohydrate, meaning it is great for the keto diet. (For more information, check out this post.)

We try to eat low-carb around here, but sometimes we forget to make a low-carb keto friendly lunch for ourselves. One of our favorite keto lunch ideas is a cauliflower wrap, and we’ve found a great recipe from Trader Joe’s that makes the perfect keto friendly wrap. And you don’t need any special ingredients to make this simple keto wrap.

Keto is a diet that has made waves in the last few years. It’s a lifestyle that involves eating very low carbs and high fat to lose weight and get healthy. Keto is known as a low-carb diet, but really it’s a diet that involves eating fewer carbs and more fat to lose weight. For example, a low-carb diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t eat bread!

Meet the cauliflower layer that makes the bread jealous.

When you remove bread and tortillas from your diet, you’re left with a limited number of choices for eating basic keto meals like sandwiches and tacos.

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Thins, a low-carbohydrate cauliflower-based bread replacement, allows you to sample all the things you’ve been craving and thought were off-limits!

Careful. When I spotted these at Trader Joe’s the other day, I knew I had to get them! This is not a sponsored article; I just wanted to share a recent keto discovery with you!


Is there anything cauliflower can’t accomplish?

If you’ve been following a keto diet for a while, you’re undoubtedly aware that cauliflower is the magic ingredient that can be used to replace carbohydrate-rich meals like rice, pasta, potatoes, and even pizza crust, but who knew it could also be used to create tasty keto sandwiches?

Cauliflower is one of the lowest-carb veggies on the planet, with fewer than 2 grams of net carbohydrates per cup, and I’m constantly surprised at how much simpler it is to stick to a keto diet when you eat it.

As a result, these cauliflower nibbles will quickly become your new favorite keto snack:


Cauliflower’s Intricacies May Be Used to Create Delectable Little Pizzas!

You don’t have time to make a complex keto dinner? It’s no issue. Grab some cauliflower leaves from Trader Joe’s, top them with your favorite low-carb toppings, then cook them in the microwave, oven, or fryer for a delicious meal you’ll want to make again and again.

When you don’t feel like cooking but yet want something more substantial than a couple pieces of bacon or a protein bar, this bread replacement is ideal.


Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Has a Mild Flavor That Pairs Well With Keto Sandwiches

Do you recall the BLT and the club top? Just thinking about a savory sandwich makes me want one right now! It was the leaves and lettuce that kept my sandwiches together until I discovered the nuances of cauliflower. They were tasty and low-carb, but they were a little messy and didn’t have the same nutritious value as bread.

I was pleasantly pleased by how well the Trader Joe’s bread replacement sandwich held up and even more amazed by how delicious it tasted – it didn’t even look like a low-carb lunch. I think I’ve discovered my new go-to keto meal!


Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper Are All Good Options

I like how cauliflower’s subtlety can be utilized in so many various ways. This bread substitute may be used to make a variety of delectable meals, including avocado toast, savory pancakes, quesadillas, and any kind of sandwich.

To be honest, I was expecting the cauliflower taste to be overwhelming, but it wasn’t. The parmesan cheese adds a richness to the taste that nearly makes you forget you’re eating cauliflower. Even my husband, who doesn’t eat keto, thought they were tasty in a weight sandwich!


Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Strips

2 slices | 100 calories | 5 grams of fat | 3 grams of total carbohydrates | 2 grams of fiber | 1 gram of sugar | 0 grams of sugar alcohols | 9 grams of protein | 1 gram of net carbs

Grated cauliflower, liquid whole egg (eggs, citric acid [to preserve color]), grated parmesan cheese (pasteurized skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, microbial enzyme), deactivated yeast Ingredients: Grated cauliflower, liquid whole egg (eggs, citric acid [to preserve color]), grated parmesan cheese (pasteurized skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, microbial enzyme) *He has milk, and he has egg.


2 thin cauliflower leaves have just 1 gram of net carbohydrates! It nearly seems to be too wonderful to be true. You’ll probably be eating the lowest-carb meals you’ve ever eaten with this delicious bread substitute!

They’re not just low in carbohydrates, but they’re also cheap, at $3.99 for a bag of two slices.

Want something to eat with your keto sandwich? These Quest protein chips have a Doritos-like flavor.

The ketogenic diet is one of the hottest health trends of 2018, but it’s also a nightmare for many low-carb lovers who are used to eating lots of bread, pasta, and rice. If you’re looking for a way to make keto work for you, then check out these keto cauliflower thins!. Read more about how to prepare trader joe’s cauliflower thins and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you heat up Trader Joes cauliflower thins?

I do not know what Trader Joes is, but I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What can you do with Trader Joes cauliflower thins?

Trader Joes cauliflower thins are a low-fat, gluten-free cracker that can be used as a base for dips or spreads.

How do you heat Trader Joes cauliflower thins?

Trader Joes cauliflower thins are microwaved for about 3 minutes.

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