What better way to celebrate the start of spring than with a burst of colorful blooms. This colorful bedding adds zest to any bedding ensemble.

The popular belief that exotic blooms are beautiful and exotic is so deeply rooted in our society that even your grandmother could have ingrained it in your mind.

Long before the internet, mihos, we were in the 80s. Ah, we were so innocent then. MTV had not yet discovered reality TV and was playing real music videos all day long. There was hair metal, synthpop, glam rock, and boys reading children’s songs on the street corner. The movies (and their audiences) didn’t take any of this very seriously. Tom Hanks made a movie where a woman wanted to fuck a donkey at a party, but he took too many drugs and died. That’s a fact. You can look at it. One guy got rich with chia pets, which were pretty smart, but someone realized that even that was too complicated and they started buying rocks for pets. Today we continue with nostalgia and look at the Pop Rox flowers from Exotic Blooms. VISIT EXOTIC FLOWERS ! word-image-8221 We’ve already introduced you to the elegant site Exotic Blooms, where you can view a gallery of beautiful photos of plant-based gifts with delivery in Washington, DC in my review of their London Pound Cupcake. Once you have made your selection, call or text 202-317-9158 to order a package of stickers. word-image-8222 My Pop Rox monster is a beautiful bag of herbal marshmallows. The buds are light green with dark green and purple spots, surrounded by orange-brown hairs, perfectly groomed and absolutely covered in trichomes. When you squeeze it to check if it’s moist, it sticks to your fingers, which is ideal – it shrinks under the weight of your finger and then resumes its original shape. You can even feel a bit of resin when you pull the dense bumps apart. Overall, the Pop Rox bag is very attractive. word-image-8223 The nose of the Pop Rox variety from Exotic Blooms is also impressive. The sweetness of the candy with distinctly fruity notes reminds me of summer evenings in the clearing where I shared black cherries and passion fruit with forest nymphs under the stars while loving….. ah, but it’s still nostalgia. The smoke is rich, aromatic and very smooth – no biting aftertaste or cough. They will want to take one hit at a time. …. But don’t do it before bedtime, because Pop Rox is a strong and breathtaking indica. If you try to smoke even one full bowl, consider yourself chained to the couch for the day, even if you drink coffee with it. I’m not even trying to write about it, that would be stupid. If you manage to stay awake, be prepared for hunger. I ate half a pizza, smoked one, and an hour later my stomach was growling again. word-image-8224 Half a bowl is an acceptable dose to keep you awake while watching 1984’s American Horror Story, which takes us back to the fun, fast-paced 1980s horror movies you can enjoy with Pop Rox. *So many serial killers have ended up in this bad boy! Overall, Gentleman is confident that Pop Rox by Exotic Blooms will exceed the quality standards of the most pampered and motivated cannabis connoisseurs. Try them, old friend, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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