The study, published in the journal Sleep, found that subjects who took cannabidiol (CBD), which is the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis, reported a substantial decrease in sleep disturbance, and fell asleep faster. For some, the benefits of taking CBD extended to other sleep disorders as well.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that a safe form of marijuana helps people suffering from chronic insomnia sleep better. ‘We found that medicinal cannabis use was associated with improvement in sleep duration, as well as improvement in sleep quality and frequency,’ said lead investigator Geir M. Aas, a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and the University of Toronto. ‘Cannabis users also reported increased rates of daytime sleepiness compared to their non-using counterparts.’

Taking a closer look at the results, the researchers found that those who used cannabis took an average of 15 fewer minutes to fall asleep. That can amount to a huge difference over the course of a night, explained lead study author Dr. Mark Ware, who directs the McGill University in Montreal and the McGill Center for Medicinal Cannabis. “The goal of our study was to see what impact medicinal cannabis has on sleep latency,” Ware told Healthline. “We found that cannabis use significantly decreases sleep latency.”

According to a new Australian study, people with insomnia who were sublingually injected with a cannabinoid extract at night were able to sleep more and better.

The researchers found that the extract was well tolerated and improved insomnia symptoms and sleep quality in people with chronic insomnia, according to a summary of the study published this month in the journal Sleep.

The participants were individuals who had had symptoms of chronic insomnia for at least three months. For two weeks, they received either the extract or a placebo.

To compare the effects of the extract with those of the placebo, the researchers looked at self-reports, measures of sleep latency, wakefulness after falling asleep, total sleep time and sleep efficiency, as well as reports of sleep quality and feelings of calmness upon waking. One person did not complete the study.

The remaining participants, mostly women, reported no serious side effects. However, there were 40 mild, non-serious side effects – 36 of which involved subjects who had been injected with the extract – all of which resolved overnight or shortly after waking up, according to the study summary.

Overall, the extract group showed a decrease in self-reported severity of insomnia and self-reported sleep latency, as well as an increase in self-reported total sleep time and feelings of calmness upon awakening, compared to participants who received a placebo.

According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), some studies suggest that CBD might interact with certain endocannabinoid receptors, which could affect the sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, CBD can reduce anxiety and pain, which can get in the way of restful sleep. Reducing certain symptoms can also improve sleep, the ASA adds.

In a study published two years ago, researchers examined whether CBD helped improve sleep and/or anxiety in a clinical population and found that in two-thirds of patients, sleep scores improved within the first month. And the percentages fluctuate with time, the study authors write.If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve often been told you should sleep more—but you’re not sure how. A new study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science has found that legal cannabis may be able to help chronic insomniacs get some shut-eye.. Read more about weed doesn t help me sleep anymore and let us know what you think.

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