One of the most expensive components of any event is catering. Every event’s lifeblood is catering. Selecting a caterer is one of the most important components of event planning; if your event’s cuisine isn’t up to grade, your guests will surely criticize you. There are several menu selections from which to pick.

Furthermore, finding a low-cost caterer and comparing pricing and service levels is not always straightforward. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to save money when it comes to impressing your visitors with catering. All you need to know is how to get excellent catering at a reasonable price. Here’s how to do it:

You have the option of serving wine from the venue’s label


House brands are always affordable, as we all know. Choosing a house-brand drink over premium booze will save you a lot of money. Read customer reviews of caterers and restaurants that offer catering.

Compare their services and costs to evaluate which one offers the most value for your money, bearing in mind that the cheapest choice isn’t usually the best. You can save money on catering with party catering services. The venue normally provides in-house catering for a classic ballroom or banquet hall wedding. You’ll have to purchase your meal and bar packages via them if you’re having a wedding in a ballroom or banquet hall.

Request your caterer to create a visually beautiful appetizer table


Make your appetizer table appealing; if you want to save money on catering, this is the most crucial thing to remember. There’s also the option of using composite disposables. These may be ordered in quantity from internet shops or corporate suppliers, but ensure high-quality items to minimize unpleasant spills and the necessity for attendees to use several plates and cutlery throughout the event.

So, inquire with your caterer about linens and how much they will cost. While doing it yourself may be less expensive, it will needlessly add to your wedding planning list. Dealing with a large number of vendors will be difficult as well.

Don’t go crazy with your food budget


Correctly count your visitors and deliver the number to your caterers ahead of time so that the caterer can provide the proper amount of food based on the number of visitors. You will waste a lot of money if you order for too many people and only half of them show up.

Request that caterers break down the cost of each item in their estimates. These details make it easier to compare the services offered by different firms. Table suppers, on the other hand, need more personnel and are frequently more costly than buffet meals.

You may bring your caterer


Many venues employ chefs and refuse to let independent caterers use their facilities. You might be shocked to realize how expensive the in-house culinary staff can be. Look for an event site that allows you to pick your caterer if you want to save money on catering. Popular caterers and restaurants may charge extra because of their brands’ popularity, and you won’t be able to negotiate a lesser price. On the other hand, local choices are less expensive because there is no markup for a brand image, and the food is typically provided locally. Fresher, tastier selections are more affordable, making you more versatile.

You may try a catering company that isn’t well-known, or put another way, isn’t well-known

Because they are new to the market and seeking to create a name, some young and new caterers in the catering field may quote a lesser price or even bargain on pricing. However, before hiring an unknown caterer, do some background study of their prior work. With careful planning, research, and awareness of areas where you can save money without sacrificing quality, you can choose a terrific caterer regardless of your event budget. Instead of going for the lowest price, opt for the best deal, and you’ll save a lot of money while still impressing your visitors.



When it comes to taxes on wedding catering and other services, there are additional costs to consider.

You should know that the full amount will be subject to taxes (including gratuity). The majority of caterers will add a tip to the final bill. They can’t be avoided, and they can be rather substantial.

A corkage fee is charged


Ask your caterer about the corkage fee if you’re bringing your booze. If you bring your alcohol, the caterer will almost always charge you a corkage fee.

A plated supper is the most expensive alternative because it demands more kitchen labor and more servers for your guests. Provide family-style service instead if you wish to save Money. At each table, food is presented on platters.

In certain areas, a cash bar is normal, if not expected, at wedding celebrations, which is understandable. Feel free to have a cash bar at your wedding if your relatives and friends have one at theirs.

When choosing a caterer, stay away from the enticing advertising and big-name firms that make “deals.” Instead, seek low-cost caterers in your neighborhood on the internet. On websites, you may frequently find money-saving offers that you can utilize to lower your catering costs. Local businesses may also have seasonal specials or be willing to work with you to design a catering package that matches your budget.


These are some of the ways to save money on wedding catering. Provide family-style service instead if you wish to save money. Hopefully, this post has been of assistance to you and will assist you in saving money on your wedding catering bills.

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