The way a person feels about their body is a huge factor in how they take care of themselves. Ideally, we want to honor our bodies by treating it with the care and respect that we deserve. Doing this can be achieved through various methods, but one of the most common is yoga. Yoga is a practice that encourages us to look at our bodies from a holistic, spiritual perspective and teaches us to celebrate our physicality and our natural, physical strength. This month we feature jewelry that celebrates that internal strength and beauty through the practice of yoga.

This article analyzes 18 of the most beautiful pieces of yoga-inspired jewelry. These beautiful pieces of yoga-inspired jewelry were photographed on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Many of the yoga-inspired jewelry were created by local designers.

Yoga and meditation have been part of the Eastern practice and lifestyle for thousands of years. It is a great way to relieve stress and restore balance within the body. It has also been used as a healthy way to exercise the mind.

We know that wearing mala beads or a ring with lotus flowers or chakras symbols does not make you a yogi. But for some people, wearing yoga-inspired jewelry has real meaning and is a reminder of their yogic principles.

Wearing your favorite symbols, mantras or words around your neck, wrist, chest or earlobe can be a way to honor your love and devotion to Yoga and encourage you to keep practicing Yoga. We’ve found some beautiful examples of yoga-inspired jewelry that may convince even the skeptics to give it a try. Give it a try!


Loan : Ingrid Garcia.

Loan : Vicki Landwehr.

Loan : Debbie Amick.


Loans : Elizabeth Wagner.

Loans : Jessica Leah Dunn.

Ready : Mindy B. on Pinterest


Loan : Andrea Kelly / TheJewelryByAndrea on Etsy

Loan : Rachel Urben.


Loan : Crystal Gerin.

Loan : JamieSklar

Loan : Cindy Rijo.

Loan : Emma Muniz

Loan : Malas Salt Spring.

Loan : Jewels in Sunny Beach


Loan : Malas Salt Spring.

Ready : YogaVinds on Pinterest

Loan : Jennifer O’Toole/Rainnua Art Pendant Shop on Etsy

Loan : Malas Salt Spring.

Would you wear any of this jewelry and accessories? Let us know what you think!There are so many yoga poses that are not just difficult but quite beautiful. Here we have collected 18 of these poses that are easy on the eyes.. Read more about me and ro flower ring and let us know what you think.

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