We’re heading into yet another elections season, and we know that politicians are trying to appeal to the various demographic groups they’ll need to win over if they want to get elected and continue to serve their respective states and country. That’s why they’re constantly trying new ways to reach out to people, from releasing new campaign songs to having rallies at the mall. But there’s one way they’re trying to go one step further than they’ve ever gone before: cannabis.

We aren’t trying to get you high, but we’re also not trying to discourage you from voting by suggesting you buy a book or a t-shirt instead. We want to know what DC’s best weed gifts are—and we’d love if you could share the ones you have.

The 2023 presidential election has just begun. Political candidates are already campaigning hard for votes and for the hearts and minds of their supporters. In part, this is because there will be a lot of money spent by special interests in an attempt to sway you to vote.  But also, politicians claim that because they are running for an open seat, despite the presidential race of 2023 being a toss-up, there are key issues that matter to Americans that they will address.  The first issue is marijuana, since it would be a first for a president to run and win on legalizing it.

Election Day arrives again to the Nation’s Capitol! If you’re like me, you want copious amounts of good weed to soothe your nerves as we await the results, so the Gentleman is here to deliver. Not literally me, I’ll be wasted on the riot punch I splurged all my Soros bucks on, but here’s the latest round of the best weed gifts in DC from my favorite Initiative 71 brands. Disclaimer! I can’t ensure any products are safe. What I do is judge quality. I think that means the same thing but can’t guarantee that it does. Ya dig? Then shovel up, baby! Here’s my latest recommendations:


All flowers were tested in RAW Organic Cones this week. Also I finally got a Santa Cruz Shredder (3 piece, cuz I want to include the kief when I’m testing each batch) and, man, this is easily the best grinder I’ve ever used. My start-to-joint time has gone down by, like, half.

AK Banana

word-image-7113 Exotic Blooms returns to the winner’s circle this week with a smooth, easy smoke that teases the nose with notes of cream and bananas. A cross between classic AK-47 and Banana Kush, I found AK Banana to strangely be both appetite-inducing and clear-headed enough for daytime use. How very curious…


word-image-7114 Green Kings returns with a fabulous Glookies (Forum Cut x GG #4) entry that absolutely reeks of skunk. It smokes as smooth as afternoon dreams of days gone by, with that deep, rich funk clearly distinguishable in the flavor. Highly potent and highly recommended, but maybe not during the daytime.


word-image-7115 A cross of the popular Runtz strain with Slurricane, this entry from DC TeaPad is a superior smoke with an aroma that’s a little bit sour and a little bit sweet. Just like you, you sassafras! Oh, you stop. It won’t knock you out during the daytime, but you’ll probably find yourself scrolling on your phone all day as your thoughts drift to magnets, and how the fuck do they work, and so on.

Cherry OG

word-image-7116 District Connect’s Cherry OG is an exceptionally smooth smoke with a pleasant, earthy nose. Increased focus and an elevated mood was a boon as I blazed thru the insane blitz of enemies last level of Ghosts of Tsushima: Legends’ Bronze Story mode solo in, like, 3 tries at level 32. I mean, including the tries where I died really quick, like 6 or 7. But that’s good, right? Tell me I’m good. Tell me I’m good.


word-image-7117 Entourage DC’s Creamsicle is a downright stunning specimen. those large trichomes pack a heady punch, while the smoke is light and breezy, and its aroma harkens its namesake. This one’s for chillin’, not illin. Maxin’, yes, relaxin’, assuredly, but not looking all cool shooting b-ball outside the school…

More Flowers

Here’s a list of recent winners that are still available:


This week we’re approving two new edibles for potency:

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

word-image-7118 Available at District Connect, this 1000mg bag is going to last high-tolerance users several sessions, while normal-tolerance users should really stop at, like, 3 Cheetos. Which is a shame, cuz they taste- and crunch- like the real deal.

MOTA DC Fruit Krispy Treat

word-image-7119 I almost ate the whole 200mg MOTA DC treat (from Baked DC) cuz it was that delicious, but I managed to hold on to, eh, a quarter of it. The rest of it had me fighting to stay awake at 5pm while I was trying to binge The Boys. I lost. Even heavy-tolerance users should take a little less, and normal-tolerance users far, far less. Like, just nibble a corner or whatever.

More Edibles

Recent winners currently available:


Not adding any new oils or moonrocks or anything this week, folks! Here’s what’s still available from previous winners:

Vape Cartridges

This week we’re adding DC TeaPad & Royale Dankness to the list of brands whose house lines of CO2 vapes hail from the Gentleman’s favorite local extraction team, plus Bagged Buds also carries the Friendly Farms Live Resin Cartridges I’m digging.You are looking for the best gifts for your cannabis-loving friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. They are more than just a few grams of high quality weed. They are about getting high, meeting new people, and just being a part of something bigger. They are about being part of the greatest movement the world has ever seen. That’s the mark we are shooting for.. Read more about d.c. prop 81 and let us know what you think.

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