Keto is a popular way of eating, and now some butter cakes are being made with this method. A butter cake is basically a cake made with butter instead of flour, and while they are most often brown, you can make them white and even frost them with nuts. It is a simple recipe, but it still requires you to bake the cake first.

If you haven’t heard of “keto” butter cakes before, I suggest you check them out. These keto butter cakes are unlike others since the butter is replaced with coconut oil and monk fruit. I’ve tried them a couple times now and I have to say that they are definitely up to par. I also have to say that I’m impressed with the results.

It’s a butter and cream cake, but without the butter and cream. It’s a perfect keto dessert, and it’s got a perfect name. And if you’re a fan of butter and cream, you’ll love the butter and cream in this keto butter cake. Before I get to the recipe, let me tell you a little about my favorite keto products. I’ve been using them for over a year now, and they’ve been a great addition to my keto diet. For one thing, they’re all 100% keto-friendly. That means you can eat them whenever you want, and they won’t mess up your blood sugar. They also taste really good.

Matt nailed this recipe, and this Butter Cake on the Keto Diet would make Paula Deen happy! Although it isn’t as gooey as conventional oats, the reduced carb content and simple, buttery taste make up for it. This butter cake will undoubtedly become your family’s new addiction!

This Butter Cake Makes You Feel Good

I can virtually guarantee that you won’t mind if this isn’t the same exact butter cake you ate as a kid, but I can also guarantee that the cake caused more damage to your health than the flavor could compensate for. We’ve tried our hardest to recreate this famous dessert without the harmful consequences:

  • No more long-lasting blood glucose and insulin spikes!
  • There will be no more sluggishness or food coma!
  • There’s no need to feel bad about eating that second piece of high-carb, high-fat cake!

Now, I’ll be a happy girl if I can eat something that tastes just as delicious without any of the aforementioned negative effects.

This Keto Butter Cake is low in carb, rich in flavor and will be your newest cake obsession!

Keto Cakes, For The Love Of Them!

Until I went keto, I was a huge fan of all desserts, especially carrot cake. I found it difficult to substitute a decent flour-based cake, which is why we’ve been on a mission to develop a variety of delicious low-carb cake alternatives. Aside from this keto butter cake, my personal favorite has to be our protein cakes! They’re light, guilt-free, and very tasty. We also offer a variety of cup cakes, such as our blueberry mug cake and pumpkin mug cake, as well as a basic bundt cake that you may customize!

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This Keto Butter Cake is low in carb, rich in flavor and will be your newest cake obsession!

Butter Cake on the Keto Diet with Ooey Gooey Filling

This cake is ideal for birthdays, holidays, or serving with coffee in the morning or afternoon. It’s flexible, always tasty (even straight from the fridge), and can be dressed up with extras like berries and cream, or glaze and chopped almonds. This keto butter cake recipe is one of those that you’ll remember in no time and use for every cake occasion!

This Keto Butter Cake is low in carb, rich in flavor and will be your newest cake obsession!

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Keto Butter Cake

Perfect for birthdays and festivities, this cake has layers of delicious vanilla cake and tangy cheesecake.

10 slices per serving

279 calories per serving

Time to Prepare: 25 minutes

Time to prepare: 35 minutes


Layer at the Bottom

  • In a large mixing basin, combine the butter, vanilla extract, and eggs using a hand mixer.
  • Using a spatula, mix the coconut flour, erythritol, baking powder, and optionally the gelatin.
  • Remove from the equation.

Top Layer

  • Using a hand mixer, beat together the butter and cream cheese in a large mixing dish.
  • Combine the vanilla extract, erythritol, stevia, and eggs with a hand mixer until completely smooth.


  • Using your hands, press the bottom layer (crust) into the bottom of the spring form pan.
  • Pour the top layer over the crust layer and tap it to remove the air bubbles.
  • Preheat the oven to 350°F and bake for 30-35 minutes. Once the edges begin to brown, it’s time to remove it. Allow 15-20 minutes for cooling. When baking, the butter may seep out of the bottom depending on the quality of your spring form pan. Place a cookie sheet on the lower rack to collect the butter and keep your oven clean.
  • Tip: After it has cooled for 2 hours and reached room temperature, we recommend serving it!

Nutritional Information

Keto Butter Cake

Per Serving Amount

279 calories Fat calories are 252 calories.

daily value in percent*

Fat (28 g, 43%)

2g1 percent carbohydrate

4g8 percent protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.



Keto butter cake is a term used to describe a cake that is low in carb

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If you’re looking for an impressive keto dessert, look no further than this simple butter cake recipe. Keto-friendly butter cake is the perfect low carb recipe for any occasion. It makes an impressive and delicious dessert.. Read more about low calorie gooey butter cake and let us know what you think.

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