Not a big chocolate fan? No problem! As we all know, you can make your own chocolate at home. This is a great solution if you are a frequent chocolate cravings, but you don’t have the time, money, or space to run a chocolate factory. However, if you’re looking for a chocolate alternative, check out Lily’s Bars, which are inspired by real chocolate but with less sugar and more protein.

Lily’s Chocolate Bars are so good, you can’t stop eating them. We make them from the finest Belgian chocolate and the finest ingredients, and we never use artificial ingredients or flavors. We don’t offer you highly processed, sugary treats. Instead, we offer you a simple-to-use chocolate bar that is good for you, good for your friends, and good for the planet.

Keto chocolate lovers, rejoice!

Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a chocolate bar without the guilt? You can do it!

We love Lily’s chocolate bars because they are made from the best ingredients and contain no sugar. They taste fantastic and are perfect for that time of the month, if you know what I mean.

A little warning. Limit yourself to a few places, otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

You can find these bars on Amazon or at Whole Foods Market, Target, Sprouts, Safeway and other stores listed here.

Lily’s Chocolate Milkcream

Lily’s 40% Stevia Sweetened Milk Chocolate is just as sweet as premium milk chocolate, but without the sugar (and with 20% fewer calories). They use Fair Trade Certified cocoa, certified gluten-free ingredients and RBST-free dairy.

  • Nutritional value: 160 calories | 14 g fat | 22 g carbohydrates | 12 g fiber | 7 g erythritol | 2 g protein

Salted almonds & milk


Snack on sweets and salts! Lily’s Salted Almond & Milk Bar is a rich, creamy milk chocolate with toasted salted almonds. Sweetened with stevia, it contains no added sugar.

  • Nutritional information: 170 calories | 15 g fat | 21 g carbohydrates | 11 g fiber | 6 g erythritol | 3 g protein

Lily’s caramelised salt bar

Lily’s Salted Caramel Bar is the perfect combination of two classic flavors, caramel and chocolate, with just enough salt to make both flavors irresistible. Yummy!

  • Nutritional value: 160 calories | 15 g fat | 22 g carbohydrates | 12 g fibre | 7 g erythritol | 2 g protein

See this honest review by Colleen…

Hello, my name is Colleen and I am addicted to Lily’s chocolate bars. So much so that I don’t mind sitting in the bathroom all day. Hey, at least I can bring my computer. #poopingiscool

And no, we’re not getting paid to write about Lily’s candy bar. We love them and want to share them with you!

Use Lily’s to make chocolate almond keto ice cream!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lily’s chocolate bars healthy?

Lily’s chocolate bars are not healthy.

Can I eat Lily’s chocolate on keto?

Yes, you can eat Lily’s chocolate on keto.

Why does Lily’s chocolate cause gas?

The cocoa in chocolate is a natural source of theobromine, which is a stimulant. Theobromine can cause gas and bloating.

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