What if there was a safe, effective way to reboot your brain for optimal brain health? Would you be interested in giving it a try? The author of this blog discusses a type of brain training called “Neurofeedback”. This is a physiological technique that involves using electrodes to stimulate specific brain areas to induce a desired brain state. It is a therapy that has been shown to improve attention, memory, and focus.

Grain Brain is a non-fiction book that was published on May 26th 2015. It is a real-life story of learning disabilities and brain fog, and how the author, David Perlmutter, overcame it through a plant-based diet to achieve re-learning and healing.  Grain Brain is the first book of its kind – a book about how to heal, not just what to eat.

Say goodbye to hunger, fat and real supplements.

Now that we’re more than halfway through the Grain Brain book, we’ve learned a lot about how almost all carbohydrates affect our mental, physical, and emotional health.

As Dr. David Perlmutter explained in Part 1, we now know that a lifestyle high in carbohydrates, grains, and sugar can lead to obesity, stress, depression, and most importantly, poor brain function.

Let me be the first to say that the previous chapters left me still and I kept wondering, how can I get the years of my life back? My system has been filled with all these silent killers for so long, can my brain be retrained or is it too late?

Chapter 7: It is time for change!

In chapter 7, David explains that there is no better time than now to change his brain. David emphasizes the benefits of fasting and that it is an excellent diet protocol while eliminating all toxic carbohydrates. Fasting increases energy production and also promotes clarity throughout the day.

Personally, I’ve been fasting 15 to 17 hours a day for the past two weeks and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better.

Eating carbs stimulates insulin production, which leads to a sinking effect, fat accumulation, and then an inability to burn fat. But when you deny yourself food, you encourage your brain to use the fat you already have in your body as fuel. I know it seems hard at first, but I’m telling you, I’ve never been more awake since I started it, and it was much easier than I thought!

Would you like to try fasting yourself? Join our 5-day intermittent fasting challenge!

This is also where the ketogenic diet comes in.

As you know, when you go on the ketogenic diet, you eliminate sugar and carbohydrates and start with the amount of carbohydrates you allow your body to consume each day. For example, some people start with 20 to 30 grams of carbs a day.

David states that the ketones produced by a ketogenic diet may be highly beneficial to the brain, in addition to reducing the risk of diabetes, including reducing inflammation, producing energy more efficiently, and increasing the production of antioxidants. If you have any of these problems, I highly recommend trying the keto diet!

I’ll be honest: In my family there is a history of severe depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD and bipolar disorder. So as I read, I wondered if my family could have easily cured our diseases with what we fed our brains.

Let’s talk about additions!

This book makes a big deal about MCT oil, coconut oil, turmeric, probiotics, vitamin B complex and vitamin D. I personally have a very low vitamin D deficiency. Taking supplements and knowing what my gut and brain were missing definitely helped get me back on track.

It can be pretty easy to give our brains what they really need, but I don’t recommend rushing out and buying a bunch of supplements. I had extensive blood work done that really showed me what was wrong, but you should always consult a doctor first to find out what is best for you.

I’ve been taking supplements for a few months now and I want to say that correction doesn’t happen overnight!

Taking supplements is not something you can try for a few days and then expect significant changes. Yes, you will see improvements here and there, but it took a few months for me to see significant changes.

Chapter 8 is really about making your brain work.

We are so blessed these days to have everything at our fingertips. Many people can work from home without getting up from the couch or even the bed. Today, more than ever, we shop online. We can do anything we want while standing still and it doesn’t benefit our brain function.

The simple act of moving your body will do more for your brain than any puzzle, math equation, puzzle book or even thinking….. It doesn’t take much to make a difference.

YES! That’s what I wanted to hear. Not only did I realize how unhealthy my diet was, but I started to feel guilty, like I was expected to run a marathon. But that’s not true!

A simple 10-minute walk or choreographed class around the house can be effective for your brain. There are so many easy ways to get your body moving! I’ve resolved to take a step every day, and I feel so much better when I make sure my brain is getting the exercise it needs too.

Chapter 9, how to give your brain the rest it deserves.

Poor recovery has side effects such as confusion, foggy head, memory loss, diabetes and depression….. just to name a few. Sleep is so important! As a mother of two active boys, with a full-time job and a loving wife to my husband, I have fallen victim to his priorities being put on the back burner.

In addition to my daily activities, I also try to get enough sleep on a regular basis. It’s a small adjustment, but it can make a big difference!

The Grain Brain was a revelation, not only for me personally, but also for my family. It is a fact that what we and our children eat determines our brains.

Are you ready to learn more in the following chapters?

Final inspection

Part three:  – Chapter 10, 11, Epilogue.

I’m looking forward to the four-week program, which offers concrete ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle, as well as healthy and delicious recipes.

Have you read Grain Brain with us? Grab your copy of the book if you want to get started!

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