But I went with the full traditional salt cure, curing the yolk for a week in a mixture of salt and sugar. I then soaked the egg in salt water, more sugar water and a little vinegar for another two weeks.

Eggs used to be one of the staples of our diets. But these days, new trends are emerging that have totally changed the way we eat. Eggs are being treated as a luxury – one that is all but reserved for special occasions.

SALT CURED EGG YOLK – For a long time, I’ve read about salt curing egg yolk to extract the yolk’s nutrition and flavor. But, I haven’t tried it out yet. This is an interesting article for me and the readers. I think we can try out such a method and see the effect. The article shows us the way to find out the best way to salt cure egg yolk.

Salt Yolk from a Cured Egg is Matthew’s newest obsession! So much so that our fridge is currently overflowing with plates and bowls of salt and egg yolks, leaving me with little space to store any of our other food. If you don’t believe me, watch Matt demonstrate how to build them in the video below. His elation is palpable! And, if I’m being completely honest, these are stunning and wonderful. It’s worth giving them a shot at least once. 



What To Do With Egg Yolks That Have Been Left Over?

We frequently find ourselves making recipes that just call for egg whites, such as our Low Carb Tortilla recipe. We get a lot of letters asking what to do with all the extra egg yolks, and we have the perfect answer for you. They must be cured! Not only is it something you’ve probably never attempted or considered doing before, but the tasty result is well worth the effort! We now have at least three or four on hand to give some of our meals a taste boost. 


What Is The Best Way To Use A Cured Egg Yolk?

To be honest, the only time we’ve used our cured egg yolks is thinly sliced on salads, and it doesn’t appear to get any better. The yolks not only bring out all of the other flavors in your salad, but they also add a good salty bite! The yolks, on the other hand, would make a fantastic garnish grated on top of pastas, meats, vegetables, you name it! It’s soft enough to thinly slice, yet hard enough to grate with a cheese grater, thanks to the roasting process. 


Cured Egg Yolk

If you’re looking for something to do with the cured egg yolks, try our Fat Bomb Pasta! With some cured egg yolk shredded and stirred in, the basic, creamy Alfredo sauce would come to life even more. We’ve included directions for making salt cured egg yolks below, but you may go crazy and make erythritol cured egg yolks as well!




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Frequently Asked Questions

What do salt-cured egg yolks taste like?

They taste like salt.

Are cured egg yolks safe?

Yes, they are safe to eat.

How do you eat cured egg yolks?

I dont know.

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